The company was founded as a Private Limited Company on 20th June 2014 as per the Companies Act 2006. The company is headed by Mr. Sabir Ali Sabir, who is serving as the company’s sole director. Based in London, Excellon Enterprises is offering management consultancy services for small and medium sized enterprises within London initially and the rest of England. The director is duly qualified, with a degree in the Master of Business Administration in Innovative Management, which gives him solid theoretical grounding in administering the company.

The company’s primary mission revolves around value for money, excellent and ethical dealing. The SWOT analysis showed that the Director’s academic credentials were the key strengths for the company, along with a sound financial position. The pro-business policies of the government and the recovering economy were found to provide the opportunity for the company to penetrate into other sectors outside the SME domain. Technological factors such as the proliferation of smart phones, tablets and high speed internet acted in favour of the company. Excellon Enterprises is promoting its services using conventional and online media and adopt the penetration pricing strategy to capture the market.


“Excellon Enterprises believes in being ethical in all its undertakings, offering clients excellent value for money and pursuing professional excellence as part of its service offerings”

Ethical Practice
To uphold ethical practices in all our services
Cost Effective
To deliver the best possible value for our clients
Professional Excellence
Strive to maintain professional excellence in our consulting advice practice
Lead Provider
To become the leading provider of management consulting services for smb